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As part of your membership of the club one of the benefits is the County Card which allows you to play at affiliated clubs across the country at a discount. Certain limitations and conditions apply.For those of you who regularly use the card you will be aware that the current card expires at the end of this year. For the next period the Gloucester Golf Union is going digital. The instructions below have been put together by our Membership Secretary Sean Bailey. Please note that the new digital card will link in with your details on the new WHS so if you do not renew your club membership at the end of March 2021 the card will not show as active.
1. Go to your normal app store on your phone.
2. Search for igCounty App – it is free
3. Load and Install the App
4. Enter the County Card part of the menu
5. Enter your details as requested – every member will need their CDH number
6. Refresh the screenThe County Card should be displayed, including County Logo, members name, current date, home club and handicap, and will be available every time the member subsequently opens the App.
OR you can save the County Card to the “wallet” on your phone
Obviously. you only need to go through the installation process once, and then the card is there forever, provided you remain a member of a Gloucestershire affiliated club.
Finally on behalf of your club committee we would like to wish all members a safe and joyous Christmas and New Year 

Bob Perry

Club Secretary


Hopefully you have been able to access your new Handicap Index. Since November 2, golfers have been able to access the WHS (World Handicap System) website and, using their CDH number + e-mail address + date of birth, will be able to find their Handicap Index.

Everyone will need to know their Handicap Index, so that they can then refer to the course slope chart to establish their Playing Handicap before starting their round at any course.

We are sure that everyone will get the hang of the new system pretty quickly, and Committee members will do their best to help, but there are a few key points.

Your Handicap Index

Your Handicap Index will be calculated as an average of the best 8 of the last 20 scores in your Scoring Record, going back to January 2018.

If you have fewer than 20 scores in your Scoring Record, Your Handicap Index will be recalculated every time a new score is added until such time as you have a full record.

The more scores you return, the more accurately your Handicap Index will reflect your current form.

Acceptable Scores

England Golf and CONGU have decreed that all individual scores in a stroke play format (includes Stableford, Par/Bogey and Maximum Score) achieved during an organised event must be returned.

Roll-ups, swindles and society events are considered to be organised events, and the return of scores from an acceptable format of play is mandatory, both home and away.

For roll-ups etc., pre-registration of intent to submit a score is not required. Entry into a roll-up etc., in itself is accepted as pre-registering.

Members are encouraged to submit scores from individual friendly rounds in an acceptable format (match play not acceptable). These must however be pre-registered, preferably using the How Did I Do phone App. If you cannot access this, you can sign in in the folder in the Clubhouse (above the competitions box) and place your signed card in the competitions box when you have completed your round.

But please note that Rodway Hill winter tees are not, for this year, a measured course and we cannot therefore submit scores from them for Handicap purposes. We are proposing to change this for next winter.


Safe Golf is England Golf’s important initiative to ensure that players of all ages are safe and protected. Our Club Safeguarding Officer, Rob Clancy, and his Deputy, Bob Preston, have done sterling work to ensure that our processes and procedures on these matters are up to date, and we hope to be able to achieve formal recognition from England Golf in the next few months.

The CLUB operates alongside the course, but separately to it.  When you pay for course membership, you are not required to pay for Club membership.So why join the Club?  For an annual subscription of £35, payable by 31 March each year, Club members receive the following benefits:

  • individual affiliation to England Golf, Gloucestershire Golf Union or Gloucestershire Ladies Golf Association and the National Association of Public Golf Course
  • a County Card which entitles you to play at other courses, not just in Gloucestershire, for reduced green fees – normally around £10 cheaper
  • an official Handicap Index so that you can play competitive golf at Rodway Hill or other Clubs, and thus win valuable prizes – competitions are normally open to players of all abilities and those with high handicaps are not disadvantaged
  • an annual Club calendar so that you know what events are on when
  • the opportunity to play in Club teams against other Clubs – a great way of getting to know other players and courses at a reasonable rate

If you would like to join the Club, you can obtain an application form from the desk at the Clubhouse, or e-mail any Committee member whose names are shown in the Club Information section of this website.