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The Club operates separately from the course and is a members’ club that organises competitions and events, and oversees handicaps and the World Handicap System software.

Membership of the club costs £35 and is payable on 31 March each year.

Of the  £35, approximately £10 is paid as an affiliation fee to England Golf, £13 for men and £12 for women as an affiliation fee to Gloucestershire Golf Unions and approximately £4 for the subscription to How Did I Do to maintain your Handicap.  The remaining £8 is used to support club events and activities, pay for members playing in regional competitions and administration costs. The subscription has been unchanged for 20 years, despite the rising costs of affiliations.

The benefits of Club membership are:

  • AN OFFICIAL GOLF HANDICAP UNDER THE WORLD HANDICAP SYSTEM. The Club maintains the record of handicaps and our software enables you to record your scores and have your handicap index updated. This enables you to play at Rodway and other courses using the correct playing handicap based on each course’s slope rating.
  • ON-COURSE INSURANCE IN THE CASE OF AN ACCIDENT. Membership of the Club provides affiliation to England Golf, which in turn provides insurance for you when you are playing. It provides personal liability insurance for golf club members in the event that they are held liable for injuring someone or causing serious property damage at a golf facility. The cover is provided for members playing at any club in the UK. There is no excess in respect of personal injury claims, and a £500 excess in respect of damage to third party property. Note that this does NOT cover your clubs or equipment, which are normally covered by home insurance.
  • REDUCED GREEN FEES AT COURSES ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Club members are affiliated to Gloucestershire Golf Union, which provides you with a County Card – now provided through an app on your phone – that entitles you to reduced green fees throughout the country. 
  • THE CHANCE TO PLAY IN COMPETITIONS AND TEAMS AT RODWAY HILL. Club members can play in Club competitions and roll-ups, and represent the Club in matches with other Clubs.

Before joining, it is important that you read through the various policies that you will also find on this section of the website.  Once you have paid your membership, you will receive an e-mail confirming this.  You will then be able to collect a Club Fixture List from the pigeon holes above the competition box in the club house. 

If you would like to join the Club, you need to complete a membership form and pay the subscription.  There is a membership form below that you can print off and complete and email to the Club Treasurer, Bob Wolfson – [email protected] – or leave in the competitions box at the Club with your payment.

You can pay the subscription in one of four ways:

  • By Standing Order, which many members already do. If you would like to set up a standing order, please complete the relevant section of the form and instruct your bank: YOU have to do this, not us!
  • By BACS to transfer to our Club account – the details are Account Name: Rodway Hill Golf Club; Sort Code 30-90-09; Account Number 48093168. Please use your name as the reference.
  • By cash or by cheque (made out to Rodway Hill Golf Club) which you can leave in the competitions box in the clubhouse.

We prefer Standing Order or BACS payments please as it minimises administration.