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Club Committee

Club Captain  vacancy

Club Vice-Captain  Simon Berry   01452535457   07795105950   [email protected]

Club Secretary    Bob Perry   01452506182   07484206230    [email protected]

Ladies Captain    Ruth Onions   01452 619817    07490152620    [email protected]

Seniors Captain   Ken Roffey    01452 849116    07958524818    [email protected]

Handicaps and Competitions Secretary   Steve Yemm  01594368043   07904548301   [email protected]

Club Welfare   Bob Preston    01452760668    07752275008     [email protected]

Membership Secretary     Sean Bailey  01452551538   07800764086    [email protected]

Treasurer      Bob Wolfson   01452790831    07968126625    [email protected]

Committee Members     Dave Taylor 01452 539977 07760182157   [email protected] 

Members of the Handicaps and Competitions Committee only:  Ian Dickie Clark, Gerry Payton, Amanda Chong

Ian Dickie-Clark

Amanda Chong