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Seniors Captain - Stephen Pound

I am Stephen Pound and delighted to be the 2016 -17 seniors captain in this our 25th anniversary year. 

We are a very active section meeting Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for what we call our “fun golf”, besides a number of seniors and veterans competitions scheduled throughout the year. 

We also have a busy schedule of interclub matches which I hope many of you will support and help us continue in our successes against a number of local clubs.

I extend a warm welcome to any new members; please do not hesitate to contact me or member of the seniors committee if you require any information. I would recommend you also keep a eye on the notice boards for up to date information on forthcoming events as well as using this website.



Monday 23rd January 2017

PRESENT: Eric Chitty, Mike Warren, Harold Gurney, Stephen Pound, Don Gingell, Ian Dickie-Clark, Tudor Williams, Hamish McLean. Frank Roberts, Gerald Kidd, , Alan Causon, Roy Leicester, John Lewis, Bob Wolfson, Adrian Haines, Don White, Tom Palmer, Dave Tyrell, Jon Cockerall, Dave Matthews, Cyril Amos.

APOLOGIES:  Julian Brand,

Before the meeting commenced the retiring Captain thanked everybody for their support over the last year especially with the matches which overall we had won. He also wished to thank the committee for all their hard work and support. Other events held this year had been well received events particularly the dinner held in October.  He was also delighted to say the fund raising events going toward a defibrillator now stood at £873.



Nominations had been posted on the notice board; the following positions were proposed to those attending the meeting and passed.        

Captain         Hamish Mclean

Vice Captain John Lewis

Secretary     Yet to be appointed

Committee Members: Mike Warren, Tom Lane, Eric Chitty. Cyril Amos



Stepehen Pound gave a quick overview of the 2017 programme of events. A list of seniors’ matches has been posted on the notice board.



Stephen Pound proposed that the dress code for home matches be relaxed to smart casual.  This was passed by a vote from the attending members of 7 to 5.  However it is expected that a number of away matches will be collar and tie.

Bob Wolfson proposed that the seating arrangements at post match meals at RHGC be discussed with CaterCater.  He asked if tables could be laid in groups of 4 as we played in groups of 4 and if long tables are used they should be set for 12. He also requested they are moved away from the windows as in the full height of summer it was became very hot and the sun made it impossible to see anything.  Alternatively could blinds be put up at the windows. The Captain was asked to put this to the caterers and the club management regarding blinds.

Ian Dickie-Clark reminded the meeting that discussions had taken place at last years AGM and been agreed that the winter league semi final would be match play not Stapleford. Also that the pairs would be drawn as per their final league points positions i.e. team 1 plays team 3 and team 2 plays team 4. The final would then be match play. Stephen Pound apologised that this had not been instigated this year but he forgot.  It was agreed it was too late to change things this years bu the 2017-18 winter league would incorporate this change.

Hamish Mclean thanked the past Captain for a good year and also wished to thank Gerald Kidd and Adrian Haines for their work whilst on the committee.

There being no other business meeting closed at 14.20

Date of next committee meeting Monday 13th February at 13.45pm


Playing Pairs 1st Round 28:09:16 2nd Round 12:10:16 3rd Round 26:10:16 4th Round 09:11:16 5th Round 23:10:16   Points Scored Best 3 rounds
Mike Barwick 39 43 24 39 36   121
John Halling  
Adrian Haines 49 48 46 49 33   146
Quentin Haslam  
Richard Carmichael 40 44 41 x 40   125
John Leighton  
Bob Wolfson 43 47 43 x 37   133
Eric Chitty  
Ian Dickie-Clark 44 40 40 36 X   124
Denis Kerr  
Roy Leicester X 29 X 29 28   86
Stephen Pound  
Don Gingell 43 46 31 43 X   132
Tony Pearson  
Cyril Amos 43 42 X 48 43   134
Hamish McLean  
Tom Lane 43 46 44 47 43   137
Gerald Kidd  
Phil Lane 36 43 37 24 36   116
Derek Yates  
Mike Warren 47 46 46 44 x   139
John Hill  
Ken Roffey 38 45 36 42 34   125
Dave Tyrell  
Semi Finals to be Played Wednesday 8th March 2017    
Game 1 Mike Warren   Hamish McLean
  John Hill Cyril Amos
Game 2 Adrian Haines     Tom Lane
  Quentin Haslam   Gerald Kidd

Format will be 4 Ball Betterball Stableford. The Two Highest scoring pairs from the semi final will go forward to the final on Wednesday 22nd March 2017



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Nov 1st - March 31st

from 12 noon £10.00 per person

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